Affordable Websites for Small Business

At Lububu Ventures we believe that small businesses deserve great websites too — and you shouldn't need to pay a fortune to get one! With several affordable website packages that are designed for small business, we can help you create a professional online image without breaking the bank.

Small businesses typically have similar needs for website development. In most situations that we deal with, our clients have an existing website which isn't representing them well, or they have no web presence at all. While discussing our client's needs, we are usually met with similar requests. Most of our small business clients are in need of the following:

  1.     A professional online image which makes them look professional and credible
  2.     Simple, clean navigation which is easy to use and creates a positive customer experience
  3.     Pricing that makes sense for small business which is affordable and easy to recover with only a few new customers generated.

At Lububu Ventures, we have developed processes which enable us to deliver high quality websites at an affordable price, getting you online quickly with a professional image.

We Understand Small Business Needs

With over 5 years of experience dealing almost exclusively with small business owners and true entrepreneurs, we have learned exactly what most small businesses need in terms of an online presence. We also understand what most businesses don't need in their websites. So we have removed a lot of the unnecessary "bells and whistles" that are often not needed, and instead focus on the important key elements of an effective website.

From experience, we have found that most small business owners are great at running their own businesses, but have very little interest in managing their own websites. After attempting to run their own sites for a while, they are looking for a professional website company to step in and take over. Additionally, after clients have tried to navigate through complicated back end systems and administrative "tools" on their websites, frustration kicks in and a lot of time has been wasted.

Lububu Ventures offers simple, straightforward website packages which are catered to meet small business needs. If you run a multi-national company with dozens of branches and hundreds of employees, we're probably not the right fit for your company. However, if you run a small or medium sized business and you're looking for practical, affordable solutions for your website, please give us a call as we are probably an excellent fit for your needs.

Request a Free Website Quote

At Lububu Ventures, we don't usually need to create a customized quote for each project. We have developed several straightforward website packages which meet the needs of most small businesses. As a result, we can provide a very quick explanation of our packages and provide recommendations based on your particular situation and needs. In certain situations we will customize a quote depending on specific requirements.

For more information and to Request a Free Quote for Your Website, please contact us today. We'll look forward to speaking with you.